Steampunk Kanzashi Fascinator in Burnt Gold and Turquoise Habotai Silk
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This steampunk kanzashi is really something special. Looking for a steampunk fascinator that's got something a bit different about it? Made up of 3 intricately folded kanzashi flowers in burnt gold, oyster grey, turquoise and aqua silk, it also uses found pieces of silver coloured jewelry (may be real silver but I suspect not!) to adorn and create a really lush and exotic twist to the general steampunk theme. These silver parts will move as you do, drawing the eye to your incredible headpiece.

3 paper clock faces (sprayed with a matt varnish for sturdiness) peek out from behind the main flower and pearl coloured beads and brass buttons add the finishing touches to this elaborate handmade piece.

The size of the whole piece is roughly 6.5 inches by 5inches (including the length of the dangles)
The flowers are:

Large flower - 3.5 inches diameter- Outer layer: Burnt gold silk (2 petals aqua silk), middle layer: oyster grey silk (2 petals light turquoise silk), inner layer: taupe silk (2 petals mid turquoise silk). Large brass button in the centre. An elaborate silver coloured (possibly real, but unlikely!) anklet from India is attached between the flower and the felt backing. 2 large crocodile clips are fixed to the back.

Medium Flower - nearly 3 inches diameter- Outer layer: Burnt gold silk. Inner layer: taupe silk. Pearl coloured bead in the centre. A silver coloured dangly earring is attached between the flower and the backing felt. and a crocodile clip is fixed on the back.

Small flower - nearly 2 inches diameter - Outer layer: burnt gold silk. Inner Layer: aqua silk. 3 small pearl coloured beads in the centre.

All flowers and clocks are backed with brown felt. Flowers and clocks are connected to the central flower with gold picture wire.

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Kanzashi are Japanese hair ornaments. Hana kanzashi means ‘flower kanzashi’ and simply refers to the flower shape of the hair accessories. Tsumami kanzashi means kanzashi that are made by pinching silk to form petals and is the Japanese traditional craft which inspires my own kanzashi.

If you would like a custom kanzashi made in a flower or cluster shape, according to an existing design of mine, in the colours of your choosing, please get in touch with me via the 'Contact' button. I am also happy to undertake more complex bespoke orders, such as bridal fascinators, boutonnières, corsages and bouquets. Just get in touch to discuss what you are interested in!